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800401  Drywall Sander  600W
New design variable speed flexible handle drywall
sander front positioned motor

Imput Power:  600W
Voltage: 230V  50HZ
No load speed: 600-1500 / min
Sand Pad Size: 215mm,
Sandpaper Diameter: 225mm
Tube Diameter: 46.6*30.3mm
Short-length (without extension tube): 110cm
Long-length (with extension tube): 110cm -165cm
Weight (without extension tube): 3.2kg
Weight (with extension tube):  3.5kg
Protection Class:  II
6 pieces (150#,180#,240#)of  sanding
paper with dia. 225mm
6 pieces  (150#,180#,240#)  of  sanding
paper with dia. 285mm
2  connection  adapters
4m  flexible pipe for extracting dust
a pair of carbon brushes
1 piece of S5 internal hexagonal wrench


1. Replacement System  Between Triangle and  Round Pad !

2. Smooth working progress with machine's length of 110cm, Even when the workplace is cramped, Conveying idea of compactness and effectiveness
3. Detached Brush Segment
4. Removable Brush Segment to reach up the edge with ease
5. Satisfying Lifetime
6. The robust drive system transfers the power efficiently to the sanding pad and ensures a long service life

Certificate:  GS  /CE / Rohs

Packing: Colour box

Item PCS/Carton L(cm) W(cm) H(cm N.W/Carton(kgs)
800401 2 69.5 56 24.5 13.5
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